The FibronPipe team have many years’ experience in design, manufacture and testing of thermoplastic composite pipes for the oil and gas industry. 

That thermoplastic composite design and process knowledge, in combination with the capability to construct and program unique PLC`s for complex manufacturing tasks, is completed by a vast experience in the field of thermoplastic pipe extrusion to provide world class solutions in TCP/RTP delivery.

Our Mission

cost reduction

increase in effectiveness

CO2 Footprint reduction

We manufacture high-pressure resistant, spoolable thermoplastic composite pipes which are 100% corrosion-free.
The manufacturing and usage of these pipes is associated with a significant CO2-reduction compared to conventional alternative metallic piping products.
The pipes are designed and manufactured on the basis of a calculated service life of at least 20 years.
Thermoplastic composite pipes are more sustainable. After use in a specific application, deinstallation and reuse in another application is still generally possible.
After reaching the end use time, recycling of the pipes is possible.
The pipes can be transported as coil on wooden support frames and do not require one time use steel drums.

The Radius Group

The Radius Group is an international market leader in engineered pipeline solutions for the gas, oil, water, sewage, district heating and telecoms sectors. Employing over 7.000 skilled individuals, the Group operates from 22 plants in the UK, Austria, Poland, Latvia and Russia and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide.


FibronPipe has been founded in 2019 in Germany. Beginning of November 2020 FibronPipe have merged with Radius-Kelit Infrastructure, a member of the international Radius-Systems Group. Radius-Kelit is an Austria-based manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in the design, production and sales of factory made thermal-insulated pipe systems.

The head office of FibronPipe has been shifted to Austria/St. Valentin. The company has integrated its` manufacturing line for Thermoplastic Composite Pipes into the existing production facilities of Radius-Kelit. With this background FibronPipe is in position to manufacture and supply Composite Pipes also in thermal-insulated execution. The manufacturing of high pressure resistant, non-metallic composite pipes for the oil and gas industry can thus be combined with the bonded technology for factory made thermal insulation with PUR for flexible pipes.

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